Video: Kurt Laurenz Theinert

Kurt Laurenz Theinert. RESPONSIVE Halifax 2017. Photo AGNS, Steve Farmer.
Kurt Laurenz Theinert. RESPONSIVE Halifax 2017. Photo AGNS (2)
Kurt Laurenz Theinert und Lucas Pearse. RESPONSIVE Halifax 2017. Photo Kurt Laurenz Theinert
Kurt Laurenz Theinert. RESPONSIVE Halifax 2017. Photo AGNS.
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-100
Photos: Steve Farmer, Frankie Macaulay, Kurt Laurenz Theinert


2018 // Cologne [de], COLLUMINA International Light Art Project

Kurt Laurenz Theinert
Visual Piano
Audio-visual improvisation for a variety of instruments
in co-operation with Lukas Pearse

Performing hours: 7.30 pm // 8.30 pm // 9.30 pm // 10.30 pm // 11.30 pm
Duration 20 to 30 minutes.
Free Access.

Kurt Laurenz Theinert plays a keyboard to improvise imagery on 360° projection spaces. He generates abstract graphic materials – dots and lines, colors and shapes – to choreograph their echoes on all reflecting surfaces. For each performance, he will be joined by one improvising musician to add to the interplay of space and time. “Playing is for me an entire abstract process, there is no conceptual thought, no guiding idea and no meaning applied, I just want to explore the dynamics and esthetics of the interconnectedness of light, space, time, the music and me.”, he said while setting up in the St. David’s Church. >>The Interview

Kurt Laurenz Theinert is a photographer and performing light and media artist. His „visual piano“ performances are shown all around the world in Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, Berlin, New York, and Singapore. He concentrates in his work on visual experiences that do not refer, as images, to anything. On the contrary, he is striving for an abstract, reductive aesthetic that has ultimately led him – through a wish for more dematerialization – from photography to light as a medium.


2017 // Miami [us], FROST MUSEUM OF SCIENCES
2017 // Corby [uk], DREAMING OUR WOODS
2017 // Brescia [it], CINEON
2016 // Stuttgart [de], AUFSTIEGE
2016 // Tunis [tn], INTERFERENCE
2016 // Dublin [uk], SCIENCE GALLERY
2015 // Hildesheim [de], LICHTUNGEN
2015 // Esch [lx], Public Space


Since 1995 // Regular exhibition and performance activity worldwide
1985-1992 // Stuttgart [de], Studies of Design



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