Kelly Mark

Kelly Mark. RESPONSIVE Halifax 2017. Photo AGNS, Steve Farmer.
Photo: Steve Farmer

Kelly Mark: Glow House [2000/2001]
An empty house, 12 TVs, transformers, mediaplayer

“Glow House”, first created in 2000/2001, has been exhibited several times. “Glow House” uses 35-60 CRT television sets distributed throughout a house and all tuned to the same channel. The small flicker of light emanating from each synched TV is then turned into a “pulse” of light throughout the entire house. As the scenes change, from whatever television program is airing at the moment, the house flashes and pulses as all televisions are in sync with one another.

Kelly Mark is a conceptual artist who makes use of a broad range of material and found objects to create sculptural installations, performances, video work, photographs, sound, light sculptures, art multiples, mail art, wallpaper, Letraset, and tattoos.

“With their minimal alterations of found objects and simple representation strategies, the individual works look provisional. Yet, because the “present” ready-made objects and materials, the works are also specific. There can be no mistaking what they are in the factual sense … For informed viewers, the evocation of moments in the history of twentieth-century art – Duchamp’s assisted ready-mades, Minimalism’s seriality, Eva Hesse’s variation-within-repetition, Jackie Winsor’s mutilated boxes – seems equally unambiguous.” >> The Artist’s Text


2017 // Toronto [ca], Olga Korper Gallery
2016 // Toronto [ca], Diaz Contemporary
2016 // Birmingham [uk], IKON Gallery [Tower Room]
2015 // Waterloo [ca], University of Waterloo Art Gallery
Since 1992 // Regular exhibition and performing activities


1994 // Halifax/Nova Scoita (ca), NSCAD University, Graduation

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