Photos: Steve Farmer, Detlef Hartung, Frankie Macaulay

Video: Deetlef Harting [2014]


2020 | Cologne [de], COLLUMINA International Light Art Project
2019 | Halifax [ca], RESPONSIVE International Light Art Project
2018 | Cologne [de], COLLUMINA International Light Art Project

Hartung | Trenz: Lightscape – Illusion
2-channel projection, animated text

Two projection beams are directed to meet across a dark space on the same projection ground. They display a luminous text employing text lines as graphical material to engender a digital sculpture. “Lightscape – Illusion” is a responsive environment that can be altered by the viewers. By stepping into one of the two projection beams, the viewer generates a shadow play that becomes part of the animated text “Lightscape”. Hartung | Trenz reflect on light as the medium that governs the interdependence of visibility, perception, and representation. With “Lightscape – Illusion”, they stage the dynamic interplay of light and space, of body and vision, of perceiving and recognizing in a playful setting.

In their spatial projections, Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz explore the relationship among text, image, space and perspective, light, color, form and sensory perception. This complex dynamics and its impact on human consciousness are the main focus of their artistic research. Their works are site- and context-specific responding to social, cultural, historical or philosophical aspects as part of their conceptual choices. Architectural coding, technical functions, and traces of use become part of their concrete poetry. They have animated buildings such as churches, theaters, and galleries whose surfaces seemed in constant transformation by the interaction between the projected textures and the encountered structures.

“Working with projection allows us to experiment with typographic properties at any site. The interplay of a landscape or an urban environment and the architecture of typography is an esthetical exciting process and often has an ethical impact. In our works, we share our interest and process with a context or a site.” >> The Interview


2017 // Houmet Souk [tn], SEE DJERBA
2016 // Frankfurt [de], LUMINALE
2016 // Tunis [tn], INTERFERENCE
2016 // Eindhoven [nl], GLOW
2015 // Adelaide [au], BLINC
2015 // Hildesheim [de], LICHTUNGEN
2014 // Montréal [ca], FESTIVAL NOUVEAU DU CINÉMA


// Detlef Hartung
Since 1998 // regular exhibition activity with Georg Trenz, mainly in Europe
1985 – 1991 // Munich [de], Studies of Fine Art
1979 – 1984 // Munich [de], Studies in Mechanical Engineering
1967 // moved to Germany
1958 // born in Caracas [ve]

// Georg Trenz
Since 1998 // regular exhibition activity with Detlef Hartung, mainly in Europe
Since 1997 // Munich [de], teaching design in several schools
1988-1994 // Munich [de], Studies of Fine Art
1982-1986 // Munich [de], Studies of Design
1962 // born in Munich [de]


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