Mischa Kuball. Space-Speed-Speech. RESPONSIVE Halifax 2017. Photo Ralf Seippel (3)
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-145
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-148
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-147
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-149
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-146
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-144
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-139
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-142
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-140
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-136
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-138
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-135
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-133
Photos: Katie Nakaska

The work is part of the collection of the Center for International Lightart Unna. For this exhibition a local copy was built.

Mischa Kuball: Space-Speed-Speech
Three mirror spheres, electrical motors, slide projectors, slides

Mischa Kuball has been working in the public and institutional sphere since 1984. He uses light as a medium to explore architectural spaces as well as social and political discourses and reflects on a whole variety of aspects from sociocultural structures to architectural interventions as well as emphasizing or reinterpreting their monumental nature and context in architectural history. Public and private space merge into an indistinguishable whole in politically motivated participation projects, providing a platform for communication between the audience, the artist, the work itself and public space. “Due to his extended oeuvre and the continuous, long-term international display, Mischa Kuball has become a leading voice in Europe.” >> The Artist’s Text


2016 // Celle [de], Robert Simon Art Foundation, German Light Art Award


2017 // Graz [at], Kunsthaus Graz – BIX Fassade
2016 // Davos [ch], Kirchner Museum
2015 // New York City [us], German House
2013 // Christchurch [nz], SCAPE Biennial
2013 // Toronto [ca], McMaster Museum of Art Hamilton


Since 2015 // Duesseldorf [de], Member of North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts
Since 2007 // Cologne [de], Academy of Media Art, Professorship Art in Public Space
2004-2007 // Karlsruhe [de], University of Applied Art, Professorship Media Arts

Since 1888 // Regular exhibition activity around the world
1984-1988 // Berlin [de], Studies of Japanology and East Asian Mythology
1980-1984 // Duesseldorf [de], Studies of Media Pedagogics



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